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Paul Anton Ltd strives to provide top quality protective measures for your power needs.

Following up on a new enquiry for a battery module replacement, our engineer went for a site visit to one of clients, SpicerHaart, a successful and growing business dealing with estate agencies and owning 7 branches in less than twenty years. After inspecting the UPS and its batteries and determining the best course of action, our engineer left the building to return to base for the remainder of the afternoon. However, as he was leaving, he was approached by the client as they encountered a problem with their UPS. The UPS has prematurely failed due to lack of refurbishments, becoming a fire hazard and a new solution was provided for next day response. A new 40kVA UPS, DC splitter and set of batteries was supplied to ensure any power needs were met and completely protected for any future incidents. o Paul Anton Ltd strive to meet and exceed expectations, aiming to deliver top quality products to protect your power and rapid services to ensure minimal downtime for your business continuity. .

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