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Ensuring that your Fixed Wiring is safe and effective could be the difference between success and failure and even more importantly, life and death.

Fixed Wiring

What does Fixed Wiring mean?

Fixed Wiring is basically the term used to describe the way in which your property is (most likely) powered.  It describes the literal wiring that takes place in order to provide electricity to your home or business. 

Unsurprisingly, from a safety point of view it is incredibly important that this is installed appropriately, inspected regularly and maintained thoroughly; as failure to do any of these three things can result in accidents, injuries and potentially fatalities.

According to HSE, approximately 1000 electrical accidents that have taken place at a business premises are reported every year, and around 25% of the accidents reported result in fatalities.  If that isn’t enough of an incentive to ensure that your fixed wiring is safe, we’re not sure what is.

How can Paul Anton Limited help your Fixed Wiring requirements?

At Paul Anton Limited we understand that power is a crucial element of any successful business or home as well as understanding the potential risks that come with it.  Consequently, we understand that electrical components and systems must be installed, maintained and monitored effectively; firstly to ensure that they are as safe as possible, and secondly to comply with all legal requirements.

How can you benefit from our Fixed Wiring services?

At Paul Anton Limited, we can install, repair, inspect and maintain your Fixed Wiring, making sure that you are operating safely, legally and effectively.

Our fixed wiring services include (but are not limited to):

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