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For all new installations, including re-wiring and alteration projects, there are three basic stages:

  • Design
  • Construction
  • Inspection & Testing

During the construction and inspection & testing phases, initial verification is required to confirm that the electrical installation complies with BS7671:2008 and is safe to put into service. 

Why is Initial Verification Required?

When your Fixed Wiring is newly installed, rewired or altered in any way it is necessary that your new product is verified in order to ensure that it complies with BS7671:2008.  It is required by law, so before any fixed wiring can be declared safe to use an initial verification must take place.  This is carried out to ensure the continued safety of you, your employees and your customers.

In accordance with British Standards, as under BS7671:2008, the following is required:

  • Verify all installed equipment and material is of correct type, rating and suitable for its use.
  • Verify all parts of installation are correctly selected and erected.
  • Ensure no parts of the installation are damaged or defective.
  • Carry out ‘First Fix’ testing.
  • Carry out ‘Second Fix Dead and Alive’ testing.
  • Where necessary undertake re-tests.
  • Make recommendations for corrective works.

When does this need to be carried out?

The verification generally takes place during the construction or inspection and testing stage to ensure that all wiring is safe before use.

How can Paul Anton help you with this?

Paul Anton offer an efficient and competitive initial verification service to confirm that the installation has been both designed and constructed in compliance with the British Standards. Upon successful completion of the inspection and testing an electrical installation certificate is issued as the final sign off for certification and compliance.

Paul Anton Ltd strives to provide top quality, safe power solutions tailored to suit all your power protection needs and will endeavour to ensure your power is uninterrupted and protected. Our experience can offer a service that is both very efficient and cost-worthy to meet your requirements, ensuring your business and services continues to prosper and everyone remains safe.

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