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Thermal imaging is a non-invasive preventive maintenance inspection used to detect potential points of failure in your critical power protection system. Safe Power Solutions uses an infrared camera to produce thermal images of your critical power equipment. This can be carried out under normal site operating conditions avoiding business down time on a site wide basis quickly and cost effectively.

Why do you need a Thermal Scan?

This is a useful extension to period inspection to determine loose and high resistance connections, over loaded fuses or breakers and cables, overheating in electrical panels and motors especially where there is restricted access or a board cannot be isolated.

Discharging the battery under load can indicate loose links and faulty blocs. This is a proactive approach of detecting problem areas thereby reducing the risk of costly downtime for reactive repair interventions.

This image above shows the protection fuse of a UPS through a typical standard camera on the right and an infra-red camera on the left. Through the infra-red camera, you can see the heating effect of the fuse and determine whether any anomalies require further investigation.

Thermal Imaging benefits include:

  • Safe non-contact measuring tools for uncovering faults accurately and quickly.
  • Test completion whilst the equipment is under normal operating conditions (negating the need for a shutdown).
  • Planned preventive maintenance.
  • Planned proactive repair.
  • Elimination of unexpected downtime through proactive testing and intervention.
  • Highly cost-effective test for finding potential problems before they become expensive failures.
  • Early intervention can reduce repair costs by catching problems before they start to affect other parts of the equipment.
  • Potential reduction in overall building insurance premiums through demonstration of proactive maintenance regime to eliminate failures.

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