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Whether your require an inspection, significant repairs, part replacement or complete replacement, Paul Anton Ltd can offer its help through their fully qualified and competent engineers to look after your critical power system.

Maintenance & Repair

We offer maintenance and repair services to protect your power equipment, 24 / 7, 365 days a year. Maintaining your UPS, generator, emergency lighting, batteries and other power apparatus allows reduced risk to equipment and therefore power failure, whilst extending service life and ensuring safe operation, allowing you to retain safe protective measures for business continuity.

In the event of repairs, our engineers can assess the cause for damage or loss of functionality and rectify the issue with the repairs required – be it servicing or replacement of the necessary parts. Where damage is too extensive or when part replacement isn’t enough, our team will strive to provide you alternative solutions to ensure continued power continuity, such as complete apparatus replacement; the right equipment catered to suit your needs. We strive to ensure your power needs are met and our capabilities allow us to undertake any services that are required.

If you require maintenances or repairs, advice or friendly consultation, feel free to fill out our enquiry form or contact us with our details on our contacts page.

Paul Anton Power Services
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