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A generator is a mechano-electrical apparatus that utilises an external source of power to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy as an output to use for power.


Generators usually deliver longer runtime solutions when compared to UPS solutions and are traditionally used as standby apparatus against long-term mains failures.

Generator-UPS solutions can achieve long runtime back-up solutions with decreased downtime and increased power availability for a seamless transition in terms of generator operation commencing from mains failure to engine operation. Energy systems are liable to power outages/interruptions at any point and thus a UPS is characteristically used to protect electrical equipment where unexpected power disruption could cause severe data loss, business disruption or service failure and maintain safe and proper functionality of critical equipment.

Paul Anton Ltd strives to provide top quality, safe power solutions tailored to suit all your power protection needs and will endeavour to ensure your power is uninterrupted and protected.

Paul Anton Ltd generator options include:


  •  “Single-phase systems refer to the use of a single input source and a single output source (1:1) to electrical equipment, examples of which would include the supply of power from 230/240VAc three-pin UK sockets. Single-phase supplies are used to operate small power hardware such as rack-mounted servers, telecoms, network switches, computer systems or any device running from a standard three-pin UK plug.
  • A single-phase generator is used in sites/businesses where power requirements are less than 35kVA. They are usually a practical and cost-effective solution to applications with low kVA requirements such as small businesses, homes and satellite offices.”


  • “Three-phase systems refer to the use of all three phases which are generated from the National Grid. A three-phase electrical system refers to an electrical supply comprised of three individual sine waves installed as a three-wire configuration (or three-wire with a neutral) as input sources to the electrical equipment. The output tends to be three-phase (3:3) but can also be singular (3:1).
  • A three-phase generator is used for applications with high kVA requirements due to their ability to distribute large quantities of power over a larger area/distance. Their uses are for sites such as data centres, large buildings, industrial facilities and medical or transport-affiliated services.

Generator Enclosures:

  • Enclosures or containers are used to attenuate sound-emissions from generator operation and act as weather-protective measures.

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