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Power distribution units (PDUs) are devices with multiple outlets designed to allocate single-phase or three-phase power within server systems, rack cabinets or data centres.

Power distribution units

With business growth comes larger needs for computing power and data management with only a fixed constraints on physical space to accommodate devices crowded within rack cabinets and enclosures. Crowded racks will contain different types of network equipment demanding diverse power-requirements. PDUs alleviate that problem by supplying power to the network equipment via distribution through its multiple outlets.

Paul Anton Ltd supply a comprehensive range of PDUs for network rack/cabinet applications, both single-phase and three-phase units for vertical or horizontal rack installations. .

The types of PDUs we supply are:

  • Basic PDUs – PDUs strips with multiple network-grade output sockets and an input power cord that provides reliable, unfiltered power distribution from a power source; such as utility power, generators or UPS apparatus to multiple devices within the rack enclosure.
  • Metered PDUs – Basic PDUs with the added capability of load monitoring via a fitted LED meter that displays RMS current values. Metered PDUs can allow data-centre managers to monitor current usage and prevent any power trips or overloading through monitored use.
  • Monitored PDUs – Metered PDUs with the additional faculties of remote/local power monitoring, SNMP-interface and alarm monitoring, ambient temperature monitoring and notification.
  • Switched PDUs – Monitored PDUs that can remotely manage/control the activation and deactivation of individual loads (outlets) on the PDU to remotely reboot connected rack/network equipment.
  • Managed PDUs – Switched PDUs that display enhanced-outlet power monitoring capabilities, displaying Current (A), Voltage (V), Power (kW), Apparent Power (kVA) and Power Factor.
  • ATS-PDUs – Metered or Switched PDUs (i.e. able to be remotely managed) that facilitate continuous operation of PDU-connected devices by utilising an auto-transfer-switch (ATS) to switch to a secondary source of power should the primary power source experience power difficulties.

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